The Western Illinois Economic Development Authority (WIEDA) was created by action of the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor on August 6, 2004 by Public Act 93-874. WIEDA is a general development agency for the counties of Adams, Brown, Cass, Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, Mason, McDonough, Morgan, Pike, Schuyler, Scott and Warren. The Authority’s financial and supportive powers enable it, with the written approval of the Governor of the State of Illinois, to issue Taxable and Tax- Exempt Bonds for the purpose of developing, constructing, acquiring or improving properties or facilities for business entities locating in or expanding within the territorial jurisdiction of the Authority. The Authority has the ability to issue up to $250 million in bonds for economic development purposes. WIEDA is a general development agency for the counties located in the territory and is one of only ten such organizations within the State of Illinois.

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